Brian Mills and Roy Hale

Friends since kindergarten, Brian and I have shared a number of fond memories, the most being our time a field. Brian’s great passion for waterfowl was actually the spark that set off the powder to this dream of ours. We wanted to put together an organization that focuses solely on making positive lasting memories of your hunting experience. I hear of too many experiences where the hunter hires a guide and never even sees game! At 21 Ponds Hunting Adventures, we will not allow that to become the norm. As with any wild animal, they are very unpredictable, and we cannot guarantee you will harvest what you are after, but we will say, you will see game or you will get a 50% refund.

We will guide you on most of your hunting adventures, but there will be times where you will want the challenge of an animal we are not skilled in pursuing. That’s when we will team up with a highly recommended guide with a proven track record, to guide you on that particular adventure.

I want to thank you for your interest in 21 Ponds, and we look forward to helping you on your next outdoor adventure. May God Bless you and may all your hunts be Great ones!

Roy Hale, Co-founder


Roy's Bio

Some of my first memories of hunting were in the woods behind our house for squirrels. Although I never really hurt the population, it started a passion that I would eventually make a business. I was Roy at Redbeards Ranchreal fortunate to grow up in the country where hunting was within minutes of the backdoor, but not everyone has that privilege. That's why I like introducing new people to the sport of hunting, letting them see and enjoy what God has created for us in the outdoors.

I now live just south of Little Rock with my two sons. I'm learning the old saying, “your paying for your raising”. I didn't know it was so hard to sleep until everyone is home and in their beds. But it's a great blessing to be a father to such wonderful boys. Its not always a bed of roses, but you learn from your mistakes and keep on keeping on.

I've taught Sunday school, Bible school and helped in AWANA for the last 15 years. I don't list those things to say I'm some sort of saint, I'M NOT! I struggle with the same things every other guy struggles with, I just know where my strength comes from, and He's always there for us if we'll just ask.

Im the co-founder of 21P Duck Club, taught Hunter Education for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Served as president of our local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, also was a board member of the Arkansas State Chapter of the NWTF.

Aside of 21 Ponds Hunting Adventures, I own an internet equipment business called R & L Equipment, the website is www.arkansasusedequipment.com . I'm in a Bluegrass band, The Redmond Keisler Band ; DJ and sound business, Sub-Zero Entertainment www.subzeroent.com ; teach music lessons in Sheridan and Benton, AR. And in my spare time, I think of new ways to help people become what they want to be.

Name: Roy Hale
Home: Arkansas
Years Hunting: 30+
Favorite type: Turkey and anything with feathers
Favorite place to hunt: Anywhere there's lots of birds!

Brian's Bio

Ever since I can remember I have always been in the outdoors enjoying God’s creation.

This love for the outdoors began a long time ago as kid growing up in Central Arkansas and always hunting or Brian Calling in the Ducksfishing with my grandpa, my dad, my uncle or my cousins. My whole family lived on about 100 acres so there were plenty opportunities to be in the woods. My Grandpa grew up and hunted on the same land as I did as a boy. He knew every trail, stump, tree and creek on our land. While we would cut firewood he used to tell me stories about some of his favorite hunts back when he was a boy and would teach me the ways of the woods and the critters that lived in them. He was also a great fisherman.

My dad taught me how to deer hunt. I can remember standing in the pocket of his field coat as a little boy hanging on around his neck as went through the woods scouting for deer. We would run is his redbone hound “Penny” on many hunts and he could tell what the deer was doing just from reading the lonesome sound of her voice. I always loved to hear her voice echoing through the woods when she got on a hot trail. He also showed me what trails the deer have been using or how fresh a scrape or rub might be along with countless other useful tips on hunting deer. It was my uncle that introduced me to rabbit hunting as a boy. Man did we hunt some rabbits. My uncle and older cousin taught me how to squirrel hunt. They both lived next door to me so we spent a lot of time in the woods hunting on our family’s land.

They all like to fish and were (and still are) good at it. I’ve learned a lot from all of them and we have had some great hunting and fishing trips that I will always remember.


Name: Brian Mills
Home: Arkansas
Years Hunting: 30+
Favorite type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Favorite Place to Hunt: Timber



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