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Southern Illinois Whitetail Hunt Package

We hunt over 4000 privately owned and operated acres throughout Jefferson County in Southern Illinois. Throughout this land we provide all of our deer hunters with a first class hunting opportunity of a lifetime. We have setup trail cams throughout the property in order to provide each weekly hunt with the best opportunity to get that shot on the buck of a lifetime.

We maintain a "130 inch" minimum on all of the bucks taken from the property. Any bucks taken below the minimum will result in a $500.00 fine and being barred from further hunting on our property. We offer hunters the chance to see many bucks in the 135 to 150 range and have many deer well in to the 160's to 190's.

We offer our hunters the opportunity to enjoy a hunt of comfort. We give all customers the option of hunting out of 16' ladder stands, ground blinds, hang-on stands, or bringing their own climbers. We recommend those who can use climbers to bring them. We provide great packages for youth hunts as well as those who need extra assistance. We strive to help every hunter take the buck that Illinois is known for. If, you are looking for the best hunt, with the best guides around, and the best opportunity to take that buck of a lifetime, you need to come see us in Southern Illinois located right on beautiful Rend Lake.

Deer Hunting Packages

Below is a list of our pricing and dates. We separate the hunting ground with some being used for bow hunting and other being used for gun season. We offer every individual hunter whether that is a bow, cross bow, muzzleloader, or shotgun the hunting choice they want. All of our pricing includes meals and lodging at a local lodge. We ask that all customers arrive by 3 p.m. the day before their hunt we provide a safety talk and a walk through the trail cam pictures and stand locations as well as weather planning and food sources for the deer. All customers are encouraged to bring a climber if they can use one. 

Pick any consecutive 5 days during time frame listed below.

2009 Bowhunting Packages
Oct 1 - 14 $2000.00
Oct 15 - 30 $2500.00
Nov 1 - 17 $2700.00
Any 5 consecutive days after Dec. 6: $1900.00

Our gun hunts consist of either a muzzleloader or shotgun. (No Rifles)

2009 Gun Hunting Packages
First Gun Season Nov 20 - 22 $3000.00
Second Gun Season Dec 3 - 6 $2500.00
Muzzleloader Season Dec 11 - 13 $2200.00

Our Combo Hunts offer our customers the chance of a lifetime, allowing them to take two bucks during a short span of time. With our Combo Hunts our customers can take a buck the first couple of days with a bow and the next couple of days with a gun.

2009 Combo Bow / Gun Hunt Package
Bow Nov 18 - 19 Gun Nov 20 - 22 $3700.00
Bow Nov 30 - Dec 2 Gun Dec 3 - 6 $3700.00

Youth hunts are available for children under the age of 16.

2009 Youth Deer Hunt
TBD Doe Only 
(above 2 years old)
One Buck 
No min / 150" max 
add $700 if exceeded

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